Lowe’s Hero Project

During the past few months there have been countless heroes that have walked among us and we would like to take a moment to recognize Ryan Kelly, a Lowe’s store manager from Bentonville, Arkansas.  He reached out to IMC Outdoor Living recently to ask if we could...

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Wood versus Rubber – which comes out on top?

We know that rubber mulch is much safer than wood mulch on the playground but who comes out on top when the two are used in a landscaping application? This depends on the types of benefits you are looking for. Rubber mulch provides excellent drainage for the soil and...

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Top 10 reasons to make the switch to rubber mulch!

1. Looks like wood, but the color is guaranteed to last 12 years longer than premium colored wood mulch! 2. Since rubber mulch does not absorb water like wood mulch you can use 30% less water when you switch to rubber mulch. 3. No more annual mulching – work less,...

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Recycling Fun Facts from IMC Outdoor Living!

More than 1,000,000,000 pounds of rubber has been transformed by IMC Outdoor Living into a full suite of products for playground and landscaping uses. 62,500,000 tires have been recycled - This translates into 50,000,000 cubic feet of rubber mulch! - Enough to fill...

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Spring rains – the importance of using a splash block!

Installing splash blocks to your property is more important than most people realize to maintain its structural integrity. If you need a breakdown of why you should definitely not forgo installing them, here are the main reasons why splash blocks are essential for...

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Earth Day – the 50th anniversary!

Sustainability and stewardship, how we at IMC Outdoor Living, a division of Liberty Tire Recycling view our world. Sustainability is a requirement of our generation to manage resources so the quality of life we enjoy today can be shared with future generations to...

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