Everyone usually thinks recycling is anything but fun, but here at IMC Outdoor Living we love to recycle! We love recycling so much that we watch funny recycling videos in our free time. Check out these hilarious recycling videos, have a laugh, and maybe learn a thing or two!

Never Too Young to Start Recycling

So, when we talk about recycling we mean recycling paper, plastic, cans, rubber, etc., but this kind of recycling is fun too! You’re never too young to start!

Break Up with Plastic

If you just watched that video, you should probably break up with your disposables too! They’re toxic and hurting not only you, but everyone around you!

Break Up with Plastic: Holiday Edition

It’s easy to revert to your old ways during the holidays, but don’t let your ex-disposables come back to haunt you! Embrace your new relationship with recycling!

Give Recycling 100%

How mad would you be if your dentist decided to only whiten half of your teeth, or if the lawn service only mowed half of your lawn? I know I’d be pretty mad. So just imagine how the Earth feels towards us when we aren’t recycling to our full ability. I bet they are not too happy about it!

Fight Food Waste

I don’t know about you but I’m not a big fan of cheerios on my pizza. Look into shopping smart and using the groceries you buy! This way we don’t end up dumpster diving to save the world!

Get Your Trash Can a Partner

Just imagine how alone your trash can feels without a recycle bin by its side! Don’t put your can in that kind of misery, get them a partner in crime!

The Story of Rubberific

This sweet rhyme hits us close to home! “An idea not great, but rather terrific. Old tires recycled, one-word RUBBERIFIC!” This is the story of how IMC Outdoor Living started and how we started making a difference in the world by recycling tires!