IMC Outdoor Living, A Division of Liberty Tire Recycling puts sustainability first. We consider sustainability to be a requirement of our generation to manage resources so the quality of life we enjoy today can be shared with future generations to come.

Our dedication to making our world a better place can be seen through the manufacturing process we have to create our products.

All our products are made from recycled tires. These tires would normally populate landfills, which are already crowded. We take these tires and give them a second life.

From the recycled tires, we create products such as rubber mulch, landscape edging, parking stops and more!

Here are some of our company’s sustainability feats. In the past year, we have:

  •   Diverted more than 4.3 billion pounds of rubber from landfills.
  •   Recycled more than 194 million tires.
  •   Repurposed 221,201 tons of rubber and transformed it into mulch.

Landfills are becoming increasingly crowded. When we started producing products created from recycled tires, the United States was covered in tire piles and landfills were pushed to the brink. We have mitigated a large amount of waste that would have flooded a landfill, and we will continue to work towards making our world safe for the generations to come.