Believe it or not, there are some pretty crazy things made from recycled tires, so let’s talk about it!

Below is a list of some items I found on the internet made from recycled rubber. None of these items are items we make here at IMC, but don’t be surprised if in the future we have our own collection of IMC bottle openers!

There are:

–          Patio Umbrellas/Bases

–          Bumpers

–          Fitness Flooring

–          Animal Mats

–          Trash Cans

–          Shoes

–          Rubber Bands

–          Bottle Openers

–          Rubber Roofs

–          Strap Pen Holders for books

–          Rubber Chairs

–          Flowerpots

–          Yoga mats

–          Jewelry

–          Rugs/Floor Mats

I think an interesting item on this list is rubber bands. Now you might be thinking, c’mon that’s so obvious “rubber” is in the name. Yes, but who would have thought that a small little stretchy rubber band could be made from a big ole tire? Not me, but I’m loving these new ways to make things sustainable!

How about trash cans? This one really excites me! We could be recycling our waste in a container that is made from recycled waste. Like WOAH. That’s an item that has truly come full circle. If you could choose a trash can made of flimsy plastic from a manufacturer who is wasting our world’s energy, or a trash can made from recycled tires to keep waste out of landfills and oceans…I think you’d choose the rubber trash can!

Now I know I didn’t touch base on some of these crazy items on here like jewelry and shoes, but you bet I’m going to purchase some rubber earrings in the near future. All these items being made from recycled rubber is really motivating me to think of other stuff that could be made from recycled rubber. What if they started making kitchen items? They could have a whole line of silverware, plates, bowls, and cups all made from recycled tires. I’m not sure about the details yet, but I think it could work!

SO, what about you? What are you making out of recycled tires?