I thought that might grab your attention as everyone likes to save money when they have the chance.  What if I also said you could do less work, save the environment and save thousands of dollars in the process simply by switching to rubber mulch?  I have been telling people this for years, so I decided to break out the calculator and do some math so that you can see the savings in black and white.

In you mulch a 1000 square foot area with Rubberific Mulch versus using wood mulch you will save 78% over the next 10 years.  Why?  Wood mulch needs to be replaced every year as it fades, breaks down or washes away.  If you use rubber mulch, the initial cost is slightly higher – but not much – and you only need to add 10% every other year as the color is guaranteed to last.  Why 10% every other year?  We have all done it, and we will continue to do it, run over our mulch with a lawnmower or get a bit overzealous with the weed trimmer so we lose a few pieces to the lawn each week.

Yes, that number is correct, a savings of more than $8,700 over 10 years!

Spring is just around the corner so why not make the switch to savings and enjoy the beauty of Rubberific Mulch 365 days a year?  Your wallet will thank you for years to come!

If landscaping is not on the agenda this year and playgrounds are, you can also make the switch to not only a 71% savings over wood mulch, but also the safest playground surface available – NuPlay mulch.

Beauty, safety, durability and tremendous savings – seems like a nice value proposition, and a great return on your investment!