So you fancy yourself a “master of the moss,” a.k.a., someone who takes great pride in how their lawn and landscaping looks. You own every conceivable accoutrement for grooming your lawn. Some may even say that you are the envy of a professional groundskeeper at a major league baseball stadium. You have mastered the “diamond grass cloth pattern” (if you know what this is, you know I am talking to you), and friends and family call you the “Da Vinci of Da Lawn.” It is a moniker you wear with pride.

But even you can make the amateur mistake of the speed mower, teenage son getting $10 bucks just get it done, or the guy I hired because I don’t have time to mow my lawn. grass%20clippings.jpgIt can happen in an instant, but once the damage is done…there is no way to take it back. What I am talking about is “blow over.” It is when the discharge side of a lawnmower gets too close to your mulched areas and cut grass is spread over the area. Sure you can use a leaf blower to cover some of the mistake, but there is always some that escapes the turbine power, not to mention if you are not using rubber mulch, you will scatter wood chips into the lawn – same problem different name…and for another post.

The rotary lawnmower is a powerful beast, capable of slinging a rock or stick into your shin with alarming speed. How many revolutions does the blade on your lawnmower make every second? The answer will surprise you and I will tell you a bit later.

So we all know we have made the “blow over” error before, usually with the common afterthoughts, “I didn’t think the grass would fly that far,” or “but if I didn’t do it I would have ruined the pattern in the lawn.” Ring_Ace_HR2.jpgAlas, your problems have been solved. International Mulch Company is debuting 24” and 36” Rubberific Tree Rings. Made from recycled rubber, this landscaping application is truly maintenance free. In addition to making your yard look great for 365 days a year, the tree ring will let moisture and nutrients pass through while inhibiting weed growth. Its one-piece construction allows you cover it in lawn debris, turn on your leaf blower and in a matter of seconds the grass is gone, and the mulch stays in place.

To answer the burning question of how fast a lawnmower blade turns and why one should heed any and all safety warnings – the average rotary lawnmower will turn at the staggering rate of 52 revolutions…a second! Blow over can happen in the blink of an eye as the blade will have rotated more than 20 times during a single blink, but thanks to Rubberific Tree Rings, the clean up is now almost as fast.