At International Mulch Company we have created some rather unique products made from 100% recycled rubber.  From our Rubberific Mulch that looks identical to wood mulch, to pavers, landscaping edging, swing mats and even tree rings.

As the summer season is upon us we wanted to take the opportunity to have a bit of fun and see what others are making with old tires.  We scoured the Internet and found some really interesting projects by weekend warriors across the globe that we wanted to share.  We hope that some of these may provide some inspiration for an idea you may have.

Many of us have that neighbor that has holiday lights up year round so this may be a good additional to their yard as we celebrate Christmas in July.

If Florida is a favorite destination of yours why not bring a bit of the south or your neck of the woods.

Sticking with the southern theme these animals would be a great addition under the palm tree.  My guess is these took a bit longer to craft than most.

Here is a pretty easy one that takes little time and really puts the tread in tread.  If these tires kept you safe on the road for the past 50,000 miles then they should do the trick when it comes to getting in the house.

And here is a little trio that you can sit back and relax on, take in the beautiful flowers and entertain the little ones for hours.


And perhaps the best for last – a must for any yard!