The test results are in and the EPA has stated that crumb rubber from recycled tires used as groundcover in playgrounds contribute little to air and ground pollution and particulates were well below levels that may cause concern.  These findings solidify extensive ongoing third-party testing completed by the nation’s leading producer of recycled rubber landscaping and playground products, International Mulch Company (IMC).

“For the past ten years we have tested the materials that comprise each and every product we produce here at IMC,” says Cindy Miller, vice president of IMC.  “Recycled rubber has long been known as the safest product available with respect to fall height ratings, and the EPA has now confirmed our findings that there are no health hazards associated with the use of recycled rubber.”

The EPA conducted a study from August through October in 2008 at four locations across the country: Washington D.C., Cincinnati, Raleigh and Athens, Georgia.  The study found that “VOC, particulate and metal concentrations at the fields treated with crumb rubber were similar to those without crumb rubber.  There were no tire-related fibers in any of the air samples, and all air concentrations of lead and particulates were well below levels that might cause concern”.

The study went on to say that 90 percent of the lead in the crumb rubber was too tightly bound for children or athletes to absorb and that Zinc levels were below potential levels of concern.  These EPA results mirror findings from another study completed earlier this year by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and the New York State Health Department.

“IMC has always prided itself on producing the highest quality, full-suite of recycled rubber products and we are pleased that the EPA study, along with others completed this year, vindicates our industry and products,” concluded Miller.