IMC Outdoor Living, formerly International Mulch Company, has been laying the groundwork for some dinosaur knowledge and excitement since Dinosaurs Unearthed started using our realistically-textured, Rubberific Mulch in their traveling exhibitions.

Dinosaurs Unearthed’s newest exhibition in Orlando focuses on dinosaur battles ‎- who fought who – all based on fossil evidence. The exhibition not only has roaring, thrashing animatronic dinosaurs but there are full-sized skeletons including a long-necked plant eater, Mamenchisaurus, at over 60 feet long.  Real fossils and cast replicas as well as some hands on interactive activity rounds out the experience.  If you are an adult, prepare to get your perception of the appearance of dinosaurs to be altered and get ready to be schooled by your kids who may be much more in tune with the current dinosaur knowledge.

Dinosaurs Unearthed has traveling exhibitions throughout North America, Australia, Asia and Europe.  Whether it’s dinosaurs, Xtreme Bugs or the new exhibition Creatures of the Deep: Past, Present and Myth, IMC Outdoor Living products are featured front and center.  For more information on this exhibit or to find one near you visit:

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