Rubber Mulch Playground Bundle

The Rubber Mulch Playground Bundle is your all-in-one solution for updating your backyard playground. This bundle includes our NuPlay Rubber Mulch Nuggets, Rubberific Timbers, Rubberific Swing Mats, and Groundscapes Ultimate Weed Fabric. This bundle also includes your choice of color and free shipping.

What’s Included

NuPlay Rubber Mulch Nuggets

Made from 100% recycled rubber, NuPlay Rubber Mulch is the safest playgrounds surface on the market today with fall height ratings in excess of 16 feet. It will also look great for year with a 12-year color warranty against fading.

Available in Earthtone and Redwood.

Rubberific Timbers

Rubberific Timbers are the ideal border for the backyard playground. Made from 100% recycled rubber their only design limitation is your imagination.

Rubberific Swing Mats

Designed to be placed in playgrounds below swings and slides where mulch is kicked out by playful children. These heavy duty mats stay in place, keeping children safe.

Groundscapes Ultimate Weed Fabric

GroundScapes Ultimate Weed Fabric is a dual-layer weed fabric permeable to air and water, but virtually impenetrable by weeds. If long-lasting weed control is your goal, this is the weed fabric that will do the job for years to come.

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Bundle 1

20’ x 15’ at a 3” Depth


  • 50 (1.5 cu/ft) bags of NuPlay
  • 9 – 4” x 6” timbers
  • 1 commercial swing mat
  • 3 rolls of Ultimate Weed Fabric
  • Free Shipping

Bundle 2

20’ x 20’ at a 3” Depth


  • 67 (1.5 cu/ft) bags of NuPlay
  • 10 – 4” x 6” timbers
  • 2 commercial swing mats
  • 3 rolls of Ultimate Weed Fabric
  • Free Shipping

Custom quote available upon request.

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Playground Bundle

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